Friday, November 28, 2014


I woke up in the middle of the night and learned the app monitoring Ella stopped working. Then I kept waking up. I needed to pump bad, too. Then finally I got up. I barely slept 6 hours. I pumped. I used my computer and nobody else woke up for almost 2 hours.   Ella didn't wake up for 3 more hours!
We hung out and played. Ella didn't nap in her crib. She fell asleep nursing then woke up transferring her to the crib and she starts screaming and it doesn't go well. She's still getting used to the room, too.

We went to Moe's for lunch. Then we visited Aunt Wanda. We only stayed there 20 minutes. We dropped in. Then Ella got hungry/tired. I guess we were there 26 minutes and the last 6, I was nursing in the other room. Ella fell asleep on me so I hurried up and said lets go.
 But it took Ella 10 minutes or more to fall asleep and she was crying. But then she slept. We drove around. I went in Target and bought some stuff I needed while my parents circled the building. Then we got home and I stayed in the car with her while she slept. I tried to sleep but it didn't go so well. Then I tried to take her inside but the click of the carseat woke her up so I stopped and she went back to sleep. She napped 2 hours 2 minutes.  She never napped again. She stayed up until 10 PM too.

We headed to meet Dave for dinner and everyone getting in the car woke her up but she was so good. We even had a half hour wait at Atria's. It took so long. I ate so much. We got home around 8:30 and Ella played a little more.

After Ella went to sleep, we just watched TV. Then I used my computer and at 1 AM I wasn't even tired!


  1. All of these stories of car naps. It really takes me back to when we used to do the same thing with Parker. Seems like yesterday!

    1. Driving around for naps? Or the part where she woke up when I was getting her out of the car so we both stayed in the car while she napped?

    2. Both. Especially worrying about the car door noise waking him up so then not chancing it and just waiting in the car so he could sleep.

    3. Beep beep beep of the door always wakes her. The clicking of the car seat too. Now she's in the larger car seat so it doesn't click out anyway. If I ever post about recently I might mention how I sat in the driveway for an hour while Ella slept in the car. I forget which day but it happened. A neighbor texted me she was walking by and I said I was in the car so she came and talked. I just rolled down the window to talk and I kept making sure that didn't wake Ella.