Thursday, November 20, 2014


Marie came over to run and then sew. We ended up not running with the neighbors because they were running late. But that messed us up some.  Near the end of our run, we went to an open house. We weren't going to but Kathryn mentioned they were going to it.  It was so similar to our house without the addition.  It makes me like this place more which is surprising.

Sewing was slow. Ella and Clara even cooperated for the most part. I was just so slow at getting started.  Since Clara hadn't napped, Marie left around 2 (guess on time). Ella was napping starting around 1.  I hadn't finished my first thing. Marie made a skirt and sewed it onto a onesie that had a hole. It was so cute.  I did finally figure out what I needed to do so then I ended up lengthening 2 T-shirts before Dave got home then later that night I did a third. I probably should have tried one on Ella before doing 3 but I got lucky and they all will work.  Too bad the first one I did is crooked!  Ironing straight is hard!

Ella had 1 nap.  Marie and I had frozen pizza for lunch. Dave and I had Taco Bell for dinner.

The skirt Marie made
It's like a tornado went through the living room.

The shirts I lengthened

Poly replaced me in bed


  1. Nice job on the shirts, and good idea with that.

    1. Thanks. I tried to google it and search pinterest and apparently nobody else has done such a thing. Maybe I should elaborate on it in case anyone else is curious.