Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I was a lot healthier so that was good. Ella woke up at 6 AM but we let Dave sleep.  She was 3 nap Ella but 0 nap Ella in the crib.

Ella was whiney and complaining for a brief period but overall was good. Dave came home from work near 1 PM. He shouldn't have gone back to work yet.  Ella sure got happy when he got home. I was able to be productive because he could lie on the couch and keep an eye on her for a few minutes here and there and I could get some stuff done. I say a few minutes because any longer and I was getting lightheaded.  I was also happy that he came home so that I could finally shower. It made me feel so much better.

Ella didn't cry as much at her bedtime routine.

At 11 PM here are the other memorable things from day day
  1. Dave heard me singing to Ella. This is something that is not allowed.
  2. Ella got to the kitchen cabinet and said "I got it."
  3. I gave Ella her cell phone telling her it was her phone then she said "my phone" as I gave it to her.
  4. Ella liked to eat Dave's sausage and pasta soup of some sort. It was just the remnants at the end that he let her taste.

Oh it was also my birthday.


  1. Did you guys do anything else to celebrate? Was that an oreo cake?

    1. Nope. A friend did offer to come visit and bring a cake but I had to cancel that earlier with all the illness going on.

      Yup. I had a small piece. The rest is still in the freezer

  2. Do you like the ergo?

    Happy belated birthday!

    1. It's way more comfortable for me but I think ella wants to face forward like in the Bjorn we have.