Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Compare Ella

Month 9 is not included oh and no 10 because didn't have the stuffed animal
I made 2 collages. I have more to make and I even messed up 1 of them. I realized when I was creating the second that I forgot to copy month 9 over into my compilation folder so then it didn't include 9.  I barely ever get time at my computer so it might be weeks before I make more.

Oh and UGH the 9 month photos got reordered to at the end even though I fixed them once!  Well sorry.  Maybe it would be better to not even post this.

I remember some months but forget most of the time. I try to put on a bow or something on Ella to match the sticker so when she pulls of the sticker I can at least tell the difference in months.  Pink headband is month 9 and is out of oder. Month 7 is the yellow headband.

Is it me or are her legs thinner more recently?


  1. She gets more expressive every month. She also seems so much taller lately.

    1. I thought she seemed taller too. But her measurements are the same!