Thursday, February 19, 2015


Ella woke up super early again. She didn't wake up until 6:25 so I guess that's better than 6 but I got one day of sleeping until 7:30 so now I want that again.

We only got to play with Dave a tiny bit and then she was ready for her first nap.  We told Dave Happy Birthday and gave him his card. (His present was ordered too late so it didn't arrive yet. I'm awful.) She slept from 8-9.  She woke up so pleasant I told Brenna to come over earlier instead of in the afternoon. It took hours until Brenna showed up though, so Ella was already not pleasant.  Then we were going to go for a walk but we took forever to leave for that.  Ella fell asleep on the walk and stayed asleep a little bit when we got home but she only slept a half hour. Ever since that point she was fussier. She didn't get her normal long nap.

Once Brenna left, Ella and I were going to head to Safeway to buy some groceries since we have practically no food in the house (even though we have a lot of junk).   So I always put Ella on the bed when I grab a shirt but I always put a nice pillow barrier up that gives me the few seconds to turn around. Well I forgot and as I turned back around I see Ella falling off the bed. It was as gentle a fall as I could ever imagine. She cried for maybe 1 minute. We didn't go to the store though.

We went to a meetup at 3:30. We got there early since that's just how the timing was and I knew we'd have to leave early since Ella didn't get a decent nap at noon. After a few minutes, I log onto the app and see some of the accepts changed to not going so that meant I was the only one going.  There wasn't even anyone else at the park. Ella loved it though. She rolled around on the blanket. She crawled to get off the blanket and try to eat grass. We also did some swinging. (I put a blanket in the swing since it seemed like it might be hot.)

We left there before the meetup was official over but you know with nobody there it didn't matter. We got home, I nursed Ella, and she went right to sleep. Finally!  She napped 2 hours. I actually woke her up so that she would  be able to go to sleep at a decent hours.

We played, We hung out with Dave. We ordered pizza. We fed Ella cucumber spears. We started Ella's bedtime routine a little late and she was asleep by 9 PM.

We were going to go out to dinner for Dave's birthday. Then Brenna offered to watch Ella so Dave and I could go out. So I start telling Dave about this instead of all 3 of us going. I'm getting all pumped to do this. Then Brenna isn't actually sure she can do it and has to talk to Dan.  But in that time, Ella fell and I wanted to be able to monitor her just in case so I told Brenna not to worry about it. She also had talked to Dan in that time and he didn't want to babysit since they were already committed for something else. I told Dave about not leaving Ella with Brenna because of her fall but he thought I meant that we wouldn't go to dinner at. That's why we ended up ordering pizza. We still could have gone out. It was his birthday after all.

I was originally going to run with Hilary but based on the heat and Ella's nap, we did not do it. I was not going out in the crazy heat. I'm ready to die running lately when the weather is great. But I'm bummed. She was going to bring her dog to run with us. I thought that'd be fun.

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