Thursday, February 12, 2015


In the morning in our hanging out in bed time, I brought 4 books over to Ella with her trains one on the bottom on purpose. I asked her which one  she wanted to read. She picked each one up and looked at them then got to the train one and got so excited then I asked if she wanted Dave to read it to her and she was so so excited she loved it. Now he read it and she'd squeal squeal on certain pages. She loved it.  I tried to snap a pic but then she'd look at the camera so the pictures are not as good.  She would look at the book and look at Dave and back and forth and loved it.

That's all I wrote but here are a few other pictures.


  1. That's a really cute onesie. You have so many because you made them yourself. :)

    1. I've been painting t-shirts lately instead of onesies but she still fits into a ton I painted back before she was born so the newest ones I paint are too big. I have another onesie session coming up at my house so I better come up with new ideas.

      I hope those ones I made you work. I noticed now that Ella is getting up there in sizes that 2 of the 3 brands I was using for white onesies (before I learned about my good site) fit horribly on Ella. They are too short and too wide. The ones practically fall of her shoulders.