Monday, March 23, 2015


I woke up to Dave getting paged. It was so loud. I look at the app and Ella just woke up too. I wonder if she heard it!  It felt freezing. I wondered if it was because I just woke up. Ella's room also felt cold and was cold for her room but was only 67 degrees.  Then we went to the living room and it was 59 in there!  I go to check the thermostat and there is some warning on there. Dave wakes up when I'm checking and yells at me that he's tired. It's hard to check and hold Ella.  I looked up the error and it means low battery.  I go in and get the space heater. I tried to be quiet but that woke Dave again.   I put that in the living room with us but that area is too big and it was just too cold so we went into Ella's room with it.   Also in the living room, Ella kept trying to pick up the heater and carry it away.

Our morning plans were cancelled and then back on.  We carpooled with Gio and Lily and went to the mall for some kid event thing.  It was from 10-12 and we got there at 11. We waited in line for 20 minutes to get a balloon creation. They had crafts and things that Ella was too young for. There was singing and dancing and face painting. These kids are so hard to control. They just want to run off.  I attempted to have Ella color. She did a little bit but mainly wanted to eat the crayons.

Ella fell asleep on the way home and Lily was holding her hand in the car. They are so cute.

I got Ella back to sleep in the house but she kept waking up when I tried to get her in the crib so I just napped with her.

Ella and I finally had lunch at 4 PM.

Near 5:15, I asked Ella if she wanted to go visit Lily. We were going to leave soon. I didn't think Ella was paying attention but then Ella went right to the door and was banging on it to get out.  I told her I wasn't ready yet and we had to get her stuff ready. So she got her water bottle and picked it up and then went to the door again. She was getting ready.  She was so cute. I can't even believe how much she listens and understands.   We ended up going for a walk with Gio and Lily then going to dinner. We went to Pizza Studio since I was the only one of the four of us that was there before.  We sat outside and it was such a wonderful dinner. I cannot believe how well behaved Ella was. Gio couldn't believe how well behaved Lily was.  I think they were just so content together it worked out so well.  Lily did want Ella's milk and Ella wanted Lily's water so they swapped!  Ella had her own water, too.  Ella and Lily did cheers a few times. Sometimes unprompted and Lily would say cheers. Too bad the couple unprompted times were the best cheers and I didn't get pictures of that. Usually one would cheers and the other wasn't.  One time I went to cheers Lily and she shook her head no.  The first time I tried to cheers Ella she just tried to steal my pop so I stopped using that cup.    Ella didn't really eat that much pizza at all but then we got out the yogurt bites and Lily and Ella pigged out on those.

We got home and played a bit. I read her some books to wind her down.  I was about to do bedtime routine and Dave said he was done. So I decided to delay Ella so she got to see Dave.  Then 9 minutes later find my friends still had him at google.  I didn't like keeping her up even later.   Dave finally got home and all he did was hug Ella and then change her into her PJs.

Ella fell asleep within a couple minutes of being put in the crib. She didn't even cry once.

I cleaned up, loaded pictures on my computer, and watched some TV before bed.  I stayed up too late.

Ella went behind the gate and got her bag of balls. She carried the bag out so I helped her get the balls out to play with.


  1. What a fun day. I love when they actually behave at a restaurant and it's almost relaxing lol.

    1. I haven't had as good a restaurant trip since.