Friday, March 27, 2015


Ella woke up at 7.  Well she was up earlier but wasn't making a sound.

Dave was holding her and saying bye. She was waving to me. I tried to take her and we said how Dave was leaving. She did not like that. She wouldn't wave to him. She looks so sad when he leaves for work.

We went running at 10.  She took a short nap during the run. I hoped for it. She's been so tired lately so I thought a short run nap would help.  We ran 3.5 miles faster than we usually do. I was spent.

Ella wouldn't really eat.   She liked carrying around the newspaper.

She wouldn't nap. I put down her favorite blanket on the floor and she was lying all over it. So I tried to cuddle with her and it while she nursed and then she finally went to sleep.  I was going to put her in the crib after she was asleep for 2 minutes but next thing I know I wake up super stiff an hour later.   She briefly woke up but nursed then back to sleep.  That happened twice.   She got a good long nap in.  She napped about 2.5 hours.    Then she was more pleasant in the evening.  She actually lasted until dinner without being miserable.

I gave her a bath after dinner.  Apparently I was hilarious and she was laughing so hard. It started when I made some sort of noise when she splashed me a little. It escalated from there.

Ella took 52 minutes to fall asleep in the crib. She spent time talking and reading and playing her ipod. She only did a few baby cries for about 3 seconds at a time maybe 6 times throughout the time.  She's so cute. She liked her nightlight but that turns off after 20 minutes.  She still has a lot of fun.

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