Friday, March 27, 2015


I had a horrible night's sleep. Ella woke up at 12:30 but then for the rest of the night, I kept waking up all of a sudden thinking she was running around the house and that I forgot to put her in her crib.  I woke up for good at 7:20. Actually we all did.

Ella woke up with a little bit of a stuffy nose.   Then her nose was runny. She was behaving normally or even better than normal. She didn't seem sick until meal time. She didn't want to eat at all. We ended up going for breakfast before realizing how she didn't want to eat and that didn't go so well.

She did a lot of pushing food away throughout the day.  She only napped 2 hours too.  She did go to sleep for the night fairly early though.

I should have been more productive after she went to sleep but I just wanted to relax after my tough week so I ended up watching TV.

I gave Dave his Valentine's Day card. In it I wrote how I didn't even know how many Valentines Day we were together because it's been so many. He said I could use that every year.  After some joking, I now have the card back and I have to remember to give it to him every year!


  1. Love the red bow. What a sweetheart.

    1. It's actually pink. Red bows are hard to come by