Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2.4 Parents Visit

Ella woke up at 5:30 and didn't go back to sleep!

We woke Dave up before 7. We accidentally woke him up. Ella was noisy. Then I turned around and he was standing there. Scared me half to death.

We drove Dave to work.

Ella start napping around 9:30!
I tried to put her in her crib but she woke up crying so I let her nap on me. I wanted a happy Ella all day so thought I'd suffer.

She woke up twice but went back to sleep and napped almost 3 hours total!

We ate lunch and played a bit then it was time to pick up my parents.

We did lots of hanging out. At first Ella was shy but then my mom read to her and she loved it. She wanted the book over and over. We did so much hanging out that we couldn't decide on dinner. Well we snacked when they first got here.

We got Dickey's for dinner.

Ella was so tired she went right to sleep after.

Then there was more hanging out. Most of the time was spent talking about how cute Ella was.

She learned to climb a lot. She climbed up on everything.

She learned to push a button on her new book to make animal sounds.  Once she heard the cow in that book then she kept making sounds after that to sound like a cow. It wasn't a moo but was blowing her lips together. But she consistently thought that's the sound a cow makes.

I left to get dinner and came back and my parents were still reading to her. I asked her if she missed me and she shook her head no. Later at dinner she was asked if she acted like me. She shook her head no! Then she was asked if she liked me. She smiled really big and looked at me then said "yea."  Dave made some comment about how good she seemed good at differentiating similar sentences but she shook her head no.

I took a lot of pictures. Here are just a few.