Thursday, March 26, 2015


Well my app stopped working in the night. Dave woke up at 7:40 after hitting snooze a few times and turned on the monitor. Ella was awake. We checked our 1 pic a minute and learned she was up for 23 minutes. Poor Ella.

I organized a panting onesie party here. There were 5 other moms that came. The first showed up around 9:20 and the last one left a little after 1.  It was a LONG day for me. I spent so much time helping and explaining and freaking out because they were pouring too much paint or the kids were getting into stuff I didn't put away.  Ella took a 4 hour nap. She started her nap around 11!

Ella and I then went to our Spanish Speaking play date. There were 2 other moms/kids there. They were fluent in Spanish so I just didn't know what they were saying most of the time. Ella enjoyed the Spanish songs and Spanish books.

We left there early, at 5, to go pick Dave up then go to dinner. Traffic is the worst thing ever.  We got home a little before 7 and started Ella's bedtime routine right then. Her routine has changed recently. She cries during the entire diaper change. She won't let me not be there. I used to be in another room and after Dave got her all ready they would come find me.

After I was done with Ella, it was 7:15 and I started using my computer right away. I did pictures, sent emails, and set up future meetups and before I knew it, it was 10:15. We watched TV after that.


  1. I was reading this and thinking it was recent and then I saw the pictures lol.

    1. I have so many old ones that I throw them in on Thursdays since Thursday is throwback Thursday sometimes.