Friday, March 13, 2015

Birthday Presents & Christmas Presents

I was going to separate these posts but It's already been 2.5 months so I'm just doing it as 1 and not every gift will be included! I would like to add the rest but I doubt I will.

Opening birthday presents was a 3 day affair. Well maybe 5 days since Dave assembled her last one on Christmas.  Well then she also got one on the 28th too.   I said we had to finish the birthday gifts by Christmas.

A friend made a post for Christmas presents that her son got so I decided to do one too.  Hers was really nice with links. That seems like a lot of work.
Ella got so many presents for Christmas that they lasted for days.  We just left the rest sitting out and when she'd find one and start opening it, that's when she got it. As of March 9, she still never even opened 1 gift.

The first collage is stuff that was on her wish list and the second is stuff that wasn't.  Many things that weren't aren't included. (And oops about 2 pictures of the one book. She only got it once.)

The dog is probably not the identical one she got. It claps to If You're Happy and You Know It and it's ears flap. Ella got a toy laptop but I couldn't quickly find a pic of that. We also have pictures of Ella opening every single present.  It was easy to get the pictures of all the items on Ella's wish list. Those are mainly the ones included.  She got 2 sets of blocks, headbands, more books, Curious George, gift cards, and more that aren't included.

What do you think?  What have been hits with your kids/friends?  I can't even say what gifts are her favorite because so many she uses daily.  She even uses the water table daily even though it's only had water in it twice.


  1. Lots of good gifts for Ella! I think my favorites are the wagon, the bag of balls, and the picnic bench.

    1. We don't use the balls as much since they get everywhere. So the water table Bears thrt balls for us. Ella loves the wagon but I kind of wish it had taller sides so Wednesday use it more. I'm afraid she'd flop out.