Saturday, March 14, 2015

Citrus Lane February 2015

We got our 10th Citrus Lane Box.  Dave saw this and asked if we hit the jackpot of Citrus Lane this month.  The hot chocolate is the same as last month and we still didn't eat that but the other 3 things are all good. The tub toy says it's for ages 2+ and Citrus Lane knows Ella isn't 2 bit I'm really glad we got it.
Here's what we got and the pricing
straw bottle from skip hop - 9.99 on amazon. (But I don't think we got a grab strap.)
Ring Flash Cards from Mudpuppy - 11.97 on Amazon
Hoops in the Tub from Alex Toys - 8.49
Hot Chocolate on a stick from Popbar - 3.66/item (sold in 3 pack on amazon or 2.99 + shipping on popbar)

total: 34.11
We haven't used these yet but I know we will.
Dave never used the last one and now it's warm so this isn't worth it for us here,
We use this. The ones on amazon have a strap and I wish this did.
Ella uses this with each bath. We like them.

The total isn't very high but is better than January. But I like everything more so it seems more worth it.

Sorry all the pictures suck.  My camera takes fuzzy pictures now.


  1. This does seem like a good one. I like that hoops thing.

    1. She uses it every bath. She dunks them in!