Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ella woke up at 7. She wakes up so early even though she's been going to bed so late. She didn't even sleep 9 hours.   But then she fell asleep on me. She was sleeping on and off for an hour. She likes my comfort.

We started to get ready to go when I realized I had somewhere to be so our plans changed.  I fed Ella at home. Then we all left. Ella and I went to a stampin' up thing while Dave grocery shopped.

Ella seems to love just chilling on the couch beside Dave. I wish she would just chill with me!

Ella napped 2.5 hours in the crib. I slept about 2 hours of that time. Dave also napped.

We hung out some more.

Ella and I went to Carter's and then to Jersey Mike's.  Ella was such a good baby. People commented how good she was.

Ella ate so many blueberries again. I gave her tomato and she just threw it on the ground. She'd whine when she ran out of blueberries. She ate so many. I gave her some hoagie and she ate that too so she didn't only have blueberries.

Ella started to whine like she wanted to nurse/go to sleep earlier so we did that. But she cried a lot in the crib. We didn't go get her and she was asleep by 8:46.

Dave and I watched Nebraska. I can't believe how that movie was a whole lot of nothing but yet so funny.

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