Thursday, March 5, 2015

10.24 and 10.25

Ell woke up at 6:30 so the day was started a bit early.
She napped at 9 for an hour and twenty minutes then we went to lunch.  We went to Pat's again.  Then we went to the Swedish Log Cabin. I thought there was more involved than there was since we were able to drive down.

We drove to a park after. I wanted just something like a tot lot but Dave looked into some big park to drive to. We get there and it's basically nothing but grass. We walked around. There was no playground for Ella. She ends up falling asleep. Dave is able to transfer her from the stroller to the car seat. This has never happened before.

After we drove home, I sat in the car about 10 minutes so that she had at least a 30 minute nap. I was going to try to transport her to inside but she woke up.

We hung out for a little bit and packed.  I became way less stressed once we packed.  Then went to a park just right at the end of the street. Ella had fun on the swings and slide. Then she also liked crawling through some tube. She had fun. Then she sat on me while I was on the bigger swings and Dave was beside me. She was so excited to see Dave swinging too.  By this time it was about 4 PM. I tried to get her to nap and she wouldn't. I knew with her very short nap she'd be cranky all evening.  I was right.

The family all came over for dinner. It started a bit late and Ella got SO cranky that it was time to put her to bed for the night.  It was 6:45 and she was asleep!

Dave went to sleep around 7:30 to try to get some sleep. I was too wired and can't handle missing out on potential hanging out so I didn't go to sleep.  I ended up staying up until 11:45.

Ella woke up at 1:30 for some food then back to sleep.

Then my alarm went off at 3 AM and it was time to start getting ready.

We left at 3:34. It was interesting to go all back roads to the airport. The drive was short. The security line was short. That meant we had over an hour to kill. We got some breakfast. I nursed Ella. I hadn't done that at home since she was still so tired.

We boarded and nobody sat between us so that was nice.  Ella was very awake and wanted to move all around. She paid more attention to the window this time.

She slept about 45 minutes then was awake a long time. It was hard to contain her especially with the tray table down with so many drinks on it. I was getting fed up. Then Dave stopped watching his movie and paid attention to her and she was well behaved.

She napped later for a half hour but then fell back to sleep on a few minutes later (yay). Then she slept for another hour which mostly included landing. She woke up briefly and held her ears. I tried to nurse but she kept falling asleep.

Marie picked us up and we headed home. We ate,

She went to sleep at noon on me.  I was so tired. She slept until about 3!

She went to sleep at 6:45 for the night. She was awake for a little and there was some playing but I don't even have pictures. I don't remember what all I did or what time I went to sleep for the night.

(Out of order pics from 10/24.  time zone changes and not having all devices say the correct time messes things up)

(Out of order pictures from 10/25)

Dave has learned over the years that I want him to take pictures of me sleeping!

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