Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:20.

Ella was playing  and discovered opening a drawer. Then she fell and got a mark on her head.

Ella napped 10-12 on me.

A little before 3 we head to Googleween.  It ended up so packed. Ella was too little for the activities but she'll love it in a few years.  She enjoyed watching kids on the bouncy house. We also let her try some new foods.  She had issues in her costume in her stroller so we took it off. At least we got some pictures with it on.  They had these little tubes and we took Ella to crawl through. She did well. Then there was a crowd around the other ones. Nobody was in them then we started a trend.  Most of the stuff for older kids ended up having really long lines.  It was so hot and sunny so we left after an hour. Then we went to a cafe and had some food. I had pancakes. We ordered the vegetables for Ella but they were cold and a little harder than she's used to.

We got home and she needed a little nap.  Then we went about our evening.

Getting Ella to bed was rough because Dave was at work playing D&D. I had Dave send her a picture and she was so happy and said "hi daddy" to it. She kept rubbing his face in the picture. She kept looking toward the door though.  She didn't want to eat. She wanted her daddy.  Finally she went to sleep.   A lot later Dave got home and then we snacked and watched TV.

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