Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Ella woke up at 7:20.  Starting around 9 she was yawning. The app had said she'd go to sleep at 9 and when I saw that I thought it was nuts. She should have napped at 9.  She napped for 35 minutes near noon. She needed to sleep longer.  It was a rough day.

It was extra rough because I had a bad sore throat and a headache. I wanted to rest. I did get to lie down on the couch but I was never relaxed enough to sleep since I was half paying attention to Ella.

Ella did a pretty good job playing and doing things on her own. I was lying on the couch and Dave sitting in the chair playing video games.

Dave went to Safeway. I tried to get Ella to nap and she wouldn't. She brought me her shoes.  She wanted to go for a walk.  We ended up seeing an open house. A recently renovated house on sale for 1.99 million. I didn't even like it.

We went to Best Buy and Dave got a new video game. Then we went to the Dollar Tree and bought Easter Eggs and stuff to put in them for 2 different egg hunts Ella will be part of.

Ella went to sleep at 7 for the night.

I felt so awful all day. Shortly before I put Ella to bed I took Advil for my headache. Then after she was asleep, I didn't have her to worry about and I just felt so much better. It still hurt to swallow water but swallowing actual food wasn't so bad.


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    1. yup. it was a recently renovated house. or basically redone. i wanted to see waht 1.99 million was about. it sucked! I should elaborate and do a house prices post around here. It's nuts.
      I think the condemned house sold for 1.3 million just so they could tear it down and build a new one on the lot.