Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Ella didn't sleep through the night AGAIN. She woke up just before midnight. Then I put her in her crib crying. I stayed awake until she fell asleep but apparently forgot to turn on the app running in the background. I woke up to actually hearing Ella cry at 7:30.  I'm not sure how long she was up. It was weird she wasn't sitting or standing bit was lying on her stomach except she had 2 little blankets under her chest and she was hugging them.

She didn't even nurse on my left side and I didn't feel any pressure at all. That's a bad sign. I knew I didn't drink enough water but that was evidence of it.

I had toast for breakfast. I usually skip so many meals and this week I'm part of a 5 day challenge so I'm trying.  My throat still hurt.

I ran at 9.  We ran 4 miles. Beth helped me out since I still wasn't feeling well.  She pushed her double jogger and pushed Ella. I still almost died during the run.  I was a little dizzy after.  The kids played after. We left at 10:30 and came here after. Beth kept track of Ella while I showered.  That was nice.

I was so lightheaded after my shower that I shoveled in a sandwich. I gave Ella half a sandwich and just let her walk around with it. I was not capable of putting her in her high chair.  I was still pretty lightheaded when getting her to nap. I napped too and was better when I woke up. Then I just had a headache.   After Ella woke up, I sat her on the potty and half way through her potty book, she peed. The book is not long. I'd say we were only 1 minute or 2 into it.  She even woke up with a wet diaper. She's so cute. This is her second time peeing in the potty!!!
I tried my first shakeology. It was vanilla and I mixed peanut butter and banana.  I also used ice and milk. It was good. Ella loved it.

We dropped some Easter eggs off so they are there for the easter egg hunt Ella is doing this weekend.

We did a hangout with my parents.

I cooked dinner. I kept delaying since Dave was at work. I kept researching recipes. I didn't have corn starch even though I swear we have it. Ella did a lot of screaming at me then I realized how late it was and realized she was starving. Oops. Before realizing this she gave me the oreo package and so I gave her an Oreo. Then she wanted more and so she got 3 total. Too bad I didn't look at the clock to realize to start feeding her something.
I made Teriyaki chicken. Ella loved it!  Dave took a bite of mine and didn't want to eat it so he made a frozen pizza. I guess I didn't have to keep delaying it for him. (The picture doesn't look that good but it sure tasted good to me.)

Ella was playing and pushing her shopping cart around (the metal one) and having a blast. She didn't want to go to sleep. It was close to 9 PM before she did bedtime routine!

I was so tired but watched some TV and then ended up getting a second wind!

The challenge I'm doing that involves shakeology is a 5 day challenge focused on clean eating and exercise everyday + shakeology daily + 5 meals a day. I really only joined to try out shakeology. Also a perk is that the coach can help motivate you. But so far she makes me feel like crap instead of motivating me. For example today I mentioned that I ate breakfast before my run and I never eat before I run not even when I ran a 50k.  I said that I didn't eat much since still getting over being sick and later in the paragraph I mentioned being lightheaded but again mentioned being sick!  Instead of saying "great step in the right direction eating breakfast" she said something like "sounds like you didn't eat enough" and she rambled on and on about what all I need to eat for breakfast and that I need to eat 60-90 min before a run.     I felt like crap after her comment that I rebutted about how I was sick and my lightheadedness is because of my deficit from the weekend and since my throat hurt so dang bad I probably only drank 3 oz of water all day then instead of saying something like "I'm sorry you are sick. What rotten timing. Glad you are pushing through." She said "oh you are being awful to your body. you need to get a 30 oz container and fill it and drink it 3 times a day. "  Maybe tough love is better motivation. I'm not sure.  Just from Day 1 of the challenge + weekend prep it makes me want to use a different coach if I ever actually get into shakeology stuff.  I'm going to start analyzing her comments to other people too.

I don't remember why we were on the kitchen floor or why she was crying.


  1. I think the chicken looks delicious. At least Ella liked it too.

    1. I was really happy she liked it. She's been so picky lately or barely eating anything. Doesn't even want most of her favorites so the few times she does eat it makes it so much better.