Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I woke up early to run. It was still dark out. We started a little after 6:30. I met Marie and we ran without having to push strollers. We ran 7 miles. It felt incredibly good. I miss running without dealing with a baby!

I hurried home and Dave and Ella were so cute there together. Then Ella saw me and cried. She wanted to nurse NOW. She was up for about an hour before I got there but only had a few sips of the milk Dave gave her.

I showered after that then we left and we were still late.  We went to a breakfast potluck then Easter egg hunt. We had so much fun. Ella had a blast. It was at a mini golf course.  Ella found eggs and knew to get them and put them in her little bag. We used a bag instead of a basket.  Then she had so much fun just playing and exploring the golf course.  I don't think Dave ever held her so much either. He'd stop her from going into water features and stuff and so he'd end up holding her.

After that we went to Sweet Tomatoes.  Dave asked her if she wanted to go to the park but she ended up falling asleep in the car less than a minute later. The park was about 2 min away.  Then we drove around looking at different houses in different neighborhoods for fun. Then we went to a meat market.  Dave ran in to get a roast. Ella was asleep this entire time.  She lasted until the crib transfer. She did nap an hour.  But I knew she'd wake and I wanted to go to the bathroom first but Dave didn't allot me time so then she cried too long so she wouldn't go back to sleep.

We were exhausted. We had fun playing all day. Dave cooked and I did a lot of prep and help in the kitchen too. Ella just hung out. She even pushed her Adirondack chair into the kitchen corner and climbed on it to watch. If only she was ever that good for me when I am cooking.

We also went to the park and went to another new park.  It was a tiring day.  Ella was walking towards a big dog and owner. Dave wanted to see how far she'd go before getting scared or coming back. Well we learned she's not afraid and will just go up until she's close. The dog was huge and lots of fur so looked even bigger and she wasn't scared. I'd guess it weighed well over 100 lbs.

Dave didn't time his cooking well so we had a small dinner with Ella then had the roast at 9:30 PM. Wow was it good!

(pics out of order)


  1. Oh I'm glad she had even more fun at this egg hunt. I love driving around and looking at houses. Glad it's not just me!

    1. I forgot this was the next day and forgot I had the post ready to go up. I was so happy she did really well at this egg hunt.

      We don't often just ride around here. I also like to go to open houses but they usually conflict with nap time so I don't go to as many random neighborhood ones as I'd like. My 2 running friends in the neighborhood go to a ton of them.