Sunday, May 3, 2015


Ella woke up at a normal time and we did normal things. Then I realized my mom hadn't responded to my hangout messages in a day so I figured she had notifications muted so decided to call her to tell her that.

Then we left to go to Standford Dish Trail to run. We were meeting someone. Well I left a few minutes late since getting ready while on the phone took a little longer than I thought.
Then there was more traffic than the GPS said so I was late.  Then there was no parking. It was the worst. The trail needs more parking but they don't want to do it because they like limiting the number of people on the trail or something.  I looped back and forth. Once you go to the end of the street you end up driving a mile or more out of the way to get back to go up and down again. I tried to squeeze my boat of a car in 2 spots but it just wouldn't fit.  After 40 minutes, Christina had run without me and we decided to meet at Starbucks.  Actually it was later than that.   Initially we were meeting at 8:40. After Starbucks it was 10:30 and there were 15+ spots so I parked and ran myself. Those hills were ROUGH.  One split I was running but had to take walking breaks and my split was 5:00 exactly. That's a slow walk normally. Then downhills I would get a 2:12 time for a quarter mile. The last half mile was so steep down hill the stroller wheel was jumping around and I had to lift it up and spent the entire time holding back the stroller. I was trying to stop at one point to get the wheel back to normal and it probably took over a hundred yards just to slow down.

Ella fell asleep on the run and napped a little so that messed everything up. She woke up being moved to the car and she didn't sleep on the way home. At home I tried to nurse her to sleep but she did not do that. I actually tried twice. It didn't happen.  I was so tired.  She was clingy but wouldn't sleep.

We kept not sleeping and hanging out super close. She was on my lap a lot.

Then we picked Dave up from work and she fell asleep. We got In N Out on the way home and I ate it in the car. She started to wake up so I went in and she cried a lot so we did bedtime routine and she went to sleep. Dave and I finished eating and then we watched a lot of TV.

First trip to Starbucks for me and for Ella.

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