Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Ella was up in the middle of the night for a couple hours. And she still woke up at a normal time. We went running at 9 and played in the park after.  Ella and Clara were playing with someone else's sand toys. Clara and the other boy were arguing over a shovel. Ella got up and walked over and handed over her shovel. It was so cute. We didn't ask her to or anything.

We went to Target right after. I had to get cat foot. I got more stuff. I didn't have a list so there were still things I forgot.   Ella kept trying to climb out of the seat belt and face backwards.   When we were on our way in, it felt like my nose was dripping. I didn't think anything of it and wiped it with my hand. Then it felt like it was dripping more. I look and it's actually bleeding. I got blood on Ella's headband that I was holding. I got some napkins from the Starbucks since all I had initially was a wet wipe. The entire time I was shopping, my nose was bleeding but it did slow by the end.  Second nose bleed in 2 days and I've probably had less than a dozen nose bleeds in all my life.

On the way home Ella fell asleep. She woke when we parked.  Then it was a miserable time. She was so tired but wouldn't sleep. She whined a lot.

Finally really late she napped and then she didn't nap long though. I was so tired that I wanted to nap when she did but I was also so hungry.  I also saw the mess and thought I should clean so I cleaned off the table a little during her nap. It's hard to believe I cleaned any of it because it still looked so messy afterwards.

We played. We picked Dave up and got In N Out.  I miss when he would bike to and from. Walking takes too long and he barely sees Ella but picking him up is so awful if I would try to attempt to cook. So I never cook.  Well also when I have cooked recently Dave has complained.

Ella fell asleep around 8:15 but then she was awake and back to sleep about 5 times over the next half hour. Then she started freaking out crying. I went in and talked to her. I asked her if she had to use the potty and she pointed at it. I put her on it and she peed.  But then she did not want to go to sleep and was up until after 9:45.

Dave and I watched an episode of The Leftovers. Dave went to sleep so I watched some more of The Good Wife. I think I'm still about 8 episodes behind.


  1. Parker used to do the same thing with trying to face backwards in the shopping cart. Finally I just started putting him in the main basket next to the food.

    1. We always fill up our main basket. How did you make that work?