Thursday, March 5, 2015

8.29 Beach

People came over to paint onesies. I changed the time since impromptu Dave wanted to take vacation and wanted to go to Santa Cruz.

We almost went to other places further than Santa Cruz but since Ella woke up in the car and we didn't have directions we just went there.   Ella napped on the way and way back so it worked.  She loved the beach and water. Too bad I left my extra camera battery in the car and the one in my camera died right away.  I tried to take my phone with me and it fell in the water so that was the end of that.  When all the pictures in the water were taken that was when Ella was timid. She liked it so much more after.

 (My back should be straight. no wonder my back hurts. Holding Ella is tough work.)

Dave went out further than we did.

Ella loved his hat. Well she loved that he was under the hat.


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    1. Too bad the water is so cold around here. Ella would live it all the time.