Thursday, March 5, 2015


Around 3 AM we heard a big boom. It woke us up. The first thing we did was look at the monitor to see if it was Ella and it was not.  Then we investigated. I went outside and looked down the street and saw a car on fire. A guy in a truck stops and runs towards it to see if anyone needed help. I called 911 about it. But they already knew.  The police blocked off the road but our house is closer to the explosion than the block off point.    I tried to snoop. I tried to go in our backyard but I couldn't hear what words the cops / firefighters were saying so I couldn't figure anything out.

In the morning, I of course had to go look right away. It was a van that was on fire. The car behind it was burnt a little too and so was the tree.
A little bit later (well more than an hour), I went for a run with Kathryn and took her on a different route to show her the van.  They were towing it away just as we were going by and then they were cleaning the street.  They don't leave things around for long.  By mid morning you couldn't tell at all except that the tree was burnt.

After work, I was telling Dave everything I was busy with all day. He asked if I was trying to justify pulling my own weight around here. I said no that I was trying to justify why I was so gross.

I added a breathable screen so that Ella wouldn't get her limbs stuck anymore


  1. That's crazy about the car fire.

    1. I know! They were investigating it. I wish I knew what happened. I was so wired from it I was up for hours in the middle of the night!