Saturday, November 14, 2015


Beth and I ran in the morning pushing the double jogger.

They gave such good goodbye hugs. Gio helped buckle Ella in. The picture was before I repositioned the straps and everything. He had some trouble with the buckle but got it eventually.
 The run was so hard that my face was still red for awhile after.
Dave decided we should go to the library storytime. I didn't have enough time to even shower before going.  Dave is the one that told me about it so we just went. I didn't look it up or anything first. We get there and it's a 2-5 year old storytime.  That's older than the ones she has been to in the past. But on top of that it was a bilingual storytime so there was a lot of Spanish too.

We hung around the library a little after.

Ella decided to paint her hair with applesauce.

We decided to take Ella to Magic Bridge Playground. This is Dave's favorite playground for Ella but really Ella likes so many playgrounds.

We rode on the one merry go round. Usually there are a million kids there that are 7 years old on this thing and making it go so fast so she doesn't get to use it.
She also rode the big slide for the first time. Well it's one of the big slides.
We hung out after at home but no pictures turned out that good.

I took some videos throughout the day. I decided to compile them in one long video.

I've been trying hard to take more videos and it's easier with my new phone that has double the room so I'm not filling it up after taking 2 videos.  I just have a hard time finding the time to edit and combine.


  1. Oh my gosh that applesauce picture makes me cringe!!

    1. It's hard to even get her to the tub without getting gross myself. She had fun though.