Sunday, November 22, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:45 and cried a bit and tried to go back to sleep. But she kept waking up and crying and back to sleep so I turned off the app. But then she cried a bit before I noticed. :(

I got Ella at 7 and she immediately wanted breakfast.

We went running at 9.

Then the rest of the day I had people over painting onesies.  Ella was bad at first. She was constantly climbing up on the table and getting into everything.  She got so much better when Cole showed up. She loved that 4 month old. She gave him kisses and talked to him. She loved him.

Once Clara showed up, Ella was good. They had so much fun together. It was awesome.

I didn't paint a lot at first. I didn't have any plans. I had issues coming up with ideas. I ended up painting 5.

Ella napped 3 hours.  Clara napped here but for less than an hour. Clara was so good just playing and letting us paint. It was crazy. I hear Clara is like that often. Man if Ella was like that maybe I could do things.

Marie was about to leave at 5 but then Ella woke up and Clara and Ella loved hanging out that they didn't leave until 5:50.

Dave biked home and I made bagel bites + cheddar sausages for dinner.

Dave biked to his new building at work and he doesn't like the new route. He said he only felt like he was going to die twice on his way to work. He said the way home was awful when you are going over the overpass and your bike lane disappears and you just have to go left as people merge right on.
 I pulled out the jumperoo for Cole and Ella had to try it out.

I took some pictures with the lil crunchies to compare it to about 9 months earlier where I had a similar picture. I'll have the collage later sometime I hope.


  1. Funny that Ella got in the jumperoo. Parker likes to get into the baby stuff too.

    1. She even climbed in herself a few times and was so proud.