Saturday, November 28, 2015


Ella and I went running with Kathryn and Diana at 9. We were ready a little early then Kathryn and I ran extra. I hit 4.79 miles and usually I hit 3.  I was so sweaty.

We got home then Ella went potty. Then we headed to the park for a meetup. Ella had a blast running around like a nut.  We lent Divya 2 of our baby gates that aren't being used. I like to help save people money.

After the park, we headed to Fry's to pick up the 2 hard drives Dave ordered.  At 8 AM our hard drive died.  The worst of it was a week ago a hard drive died so 2 of the 5 are now broken so then we lost EVERYTHING. If 1 is broken you can recover everything.  Dave didn't know how to check or how to have things set up to get warnings.  All of our recorded TV shows are gone. All of the files I had saved directly to that computer. OH NO I JUST REALIZED I ONLY HAVE PICTURES SINCE JUNE 2014 ON MY COMPUTER SO ALL OLDER PICTURES ARE GONE!  Dave isn't even upset about all the data lost but is upset about all the settings and all of his set-up.

Ella fell asleep in the car on the way to Fry's. She fell back to sleep on me when I carried her but then woke up once we entered the huge store.

We got home and ate lunch and played a bit. She did not want to nap but eventually did.  I didn't have a working baby monitor since the computer was dead and that's how some stuff was set up.  I was worried I wouldn't hear Ella. Well I napped almost the entire time but the doorbell woke me up. Someone rang it 5 times!  Then Ella was awake. I'm pretty sure that woke her too.

Ella woke up dry from nap. Finally. She was dry for months then we started potty training and she wasn't dry which is the opposite of what you'd think.

I keep trying to postpone after nap snack so that she can last until dinner. She is getting better but didn't quite make it.

She hung out with Dave a lot until we ate dinner.

Once Ella was in bed, I did a cize workout.  I'm getting better. This is the 2nd video and I've done it 4 or 5 times and I can almost do all the moves. I still mess up going from one to the next. Also my moves don't look as pretty as the dancers on TV. But it is all progress. It's such a good workout it's amazing.  I wasn't going to do it but then I wrote cize on my calendar instead of run and I didn't want to cross it out so I did it.

Dave and I watched TV using our DVR and we sure hate all the commercials.


  1. Oh no to your hard drives dying. That is my biggest fear.

    1. At least all my photos get backed up to google photos. Some screen shots don't. But at least there is that. I'm still worked up about this almost 3 mo later.