Sunday, November 8, 2015

Down By The Bay 5k (11.1.15)

I didn't really feel like this was a race for me. I spent more time thinking about the Tot Trot and trying to get Dave to go.

I wanted to get there between 9 and 9:15 but I didn't even leave home until 9:05.   The Tot Trot started at 9:40. The 5k started at 10:05.  At 9;55, I was rushing over to get my stroller, and then running to the car to put my big camera back (that I never even used).  I basically got back to the start less than a minute before the race started.

I also had all kinds of issues with my Garmin. It was plugged in to my charging brick charging during the Tot Trot. I assumed it was good to go when I saw all the zeros. Well it wasn't. It was only timing and not counting the distance!  It was killing me to run the 5k without having splits. It'd kill me to run at all without my splits.  Finally after about a mile I got out my phone and turned on mapmyrun.

This is my first race in 6 years that I've run without my Bodymedia fit.
I started running with Christina. After about a mile, the paved path was gravel. It was a lot harder to push a stroller. After a little bit  runners were coming at us since it was an out and back course. (BTW I didn't even know what the course was until I ran it. I tried to find it on the internet and failed.)
With the runners coming towards us, we couldn't run side by side anymore. We ran one behind each other for somewhere around a mile but then I started to pull ahead. I just wanted to get to the paved trail.

While running, Emily saw me. She hadn't turned around yet. She cheered me on. I saw a dad of one of Ella's school mates. I cheered him on.

It was hard to give it a kick near the end because there were so many people finishing right then.

I wish I could have gone faster. I wish I could have run without a stroller. It's not that I did bad but I wanted to do better.  This is my first 5k with a stroller so I guess it's a stroller PR.
My official time was 28:51. It's not listed as running with a stroller since I thought Dave would be there with the stroller.   I think my second half was faster but I don't have data to confirm that.  Ok maybe I do have enough data and it seems to confirm it. My mapmyrun data shows I was at the turn around at .71 miles at a time of 6:56. Since the overall time was 21:!4 and distance was 2.28 that meant the turn around was 1.57 from the end and I did that in 14:18.  The return wasn't exactly out and back. It was a slightly different course but since the 1.57 is roughly half I'd say it does confirm it.
The second half had less that was paved because the new route once it split off was not paved.  Here's the link with the course.


  1. 28 minutes is still awesome for going on gravel with a stroller.