Friday, November 13, 2015

Jane the Virgin

Last week I started watching Jane the Virgin.  There were 25 episodes already.  Season 1 was on Netflix and I only saw about it because it was suggested as one of the 3 things at the top when you load Netflix.  Then the rest I watched on Hulu.   A new one came out the next day and I got to watch it on Demand.

I cannot believe how much I liked this show. I was so hooked. I watched 25 episodes in 26 hours counting sleep and doing things with Ella.  I only started the show after Dave went to sleep. I turned off the episode when my alarm would go off about an hour later. Ella woke up early so it was actually 45 minutes later!  During Ella's nap I wanted to nap but then I just kept watching TV.

I'm not a huge fan of the title though.

The premise is pretty outrageous.  IMDB says "A young, devout Catholic woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated."

I get so into it.  At first there is a love triangle with Rafael, Jane, and Petra. Or maybe it was a love square because Michael was involved.   Petra is out of the picture and then it's all Jane, Rafael, and Michael.

It's just so over the top but so interesting. I could not stop watching.   I'm pretty sure it's like Twilight where people were Team Edward or Team Jacob but I never watched that show so I don't even know.

For some reason I like Rafael better but I think everyone else likes Michael better. I just did some quick internet searching to see.

If you have spare time go watch it on Netflix. It's a show I've been the most hooked on so soon since The Fosters. Before that I think it was The Lying Game.    What shows do you recommend?   I'm looking for some teen dramas I haven't seen. They are hard to come by.


  1. Have you watched Revenge? We loved that one.

    1. I have not. Funny you mention it because that's what I was just considering starting!

    2. It's addicting and takes forever to watch. There's 4 season and each episode is nearly an hour. But worth it.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I needed another one, and I don't like IMDB's reviews, I just start one and then make my own determination. I Just finished Orange is the New Black, which I really enjoyed. after that show, I realized there is no perfect way to END a series, so the End was Okay.
    Now watching season 3 of Breaking Bad, LOVE, LOVE LOVE it! I found the one with the little boy and Jessee (no spoiler alerts here), to be the most moving. Also watching The Walking Dead...I'm a late bloomer, but I wouldn't want to have to actually wait for another season to be aired before I could actually watch at my own pace.
    Finshed all of OZ (loved), also, American Horror story, (I found the 1st season to be the best by far, and it had me hooked exclusively until the end. - now into the Freak Show season, which is holding my attention, for now. BUT Will def. add Jane to my Queue, the title didn't appeal to me, so I've seen it advertised on Netflix, but haven't even clicked on it.
    On Amazon Prime, I watched 6 Feet Under, Loved it! I haven't been on Prime for awhile, so I may check it out today. I'm sure there are more that I've watched. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated...I'm easily bored, but my preferred genre is def. Thrillers

    1. we didn't like the most recent season of orange is the new black as much as we did the first season. i didn't realize the series was done. thought they were still making more
      We already watched Breaking Bad.
      Dave watches Walking Dead. I don't.

      I haven't seen either OZ or American Horror Story

      I saw it advertised and actually clicked on it because I wanted a TV show on i wouldn't care about to fall asleep to. Boy was i wrong!

      I found something I wanted to watch on amazon prime. It wasn't available on netflix. and now i forget what it was. I like so many types of shows I can't even remember the type of show.

      Ever since I watched Jane the Virgin, Netflix keeps suggesting movies and TV shows about pregnant woman. Ha.