Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ella 24 Month Update

0, 1, 1.5. 2 (I tried to label but that one didn't auto backup)

  • Weight: 25 lb 4 oz (31st percentile for CDC) 
  • Height: 37 inches  (99.5th percentile) (lying. Didn't measure standing)
  • Head Circumference: 48 cm (65th percentile)
  • Pullups: 2T/3T
  • Total Teeth: 16 (I haven't checked in awhile though)
  • Clothing: 18 month - 3T for dresses but 18 month ones require leggings under them.  18 month - 3T for pants but the 18 mo are capris on her.  18 mo - 3 for shirts. She loves to wear dresses.  She wears size 7 or 8 shoes (I think she measures a 7.5 but some 7s still fit and some 8s are still too big. 2T/3T for gutchies We are mostly in the bigger shirts so that they are long enough. Even some 3T shirts are too short and when she moves, midriff shoes.  Dresses + leggings are my favorite so I don't have to worry about that. 
  • Weight/Length percentile: 3% (WHO) or .4% (CDC) 
All measurements were taken 2 days late

trying to pick a lemon. She picked out her clothes. The boots are 3 sizes too big. The pants are too short but fall down.
This month, I feel like Ella maybe only napped 1/4 the time.  In the past 10+ days she napped Sunday, Saturday, Sunday. That is messing everything up.  If she naps, she is staying up entirely too late. She seems to fall asleep between 9:30 and 10 but sometimes 11:30. She wakes up about 7. She naps for about 2-3 hours if she naps. Her nap start time ranges from 1:30-3. I was trying to get it to be earlier but that did not work.  If she doesn't nap, she falls asleep in the car coming home from preschool at 5:30 or falls asleep in the car when picking Dave up. She may transfer to the crib and sleep the night or she wakes up a few hours later and really screws everything up.  If she doesn't fall asleep in the car then she's going to sleep closer to 7. 

Since she doesn't drink milk before going to sleep, I have to make sure I think about offering her milk at other times of the day. Sometimes she drinks none and other times she wants a second cup worth. She will go through phases of not eating much and then eating a ton and wanting more.  Now that she talks she requests food a lot.  She eats breakfast, snack (maybe), lunch, snack (maybe), and dinner.  She doesn't snack on most runs anymore. I will give her a snack cup but she doesn't touch it. There will be days she eats a ton and days she barely eats anything. 
Sample Schedule:
She still almost has 2 schedules. Her nap schedule and her no nap schedule. 
She wakes up around 7. She goes to sleep between 9:30 PM and 10:00. We start bedtime routine around 8 daily. She naps pretty close to 2.  She doesn't stall for the potty most of the time. 

If she doesn't nap, she goes to sleep much earlier. Around 7 but sometimes she's fallen asleep in the car near 5:30 and slept the night.  Also if she doesn't nap she may still be up past 8 PM.

She eats breakfast an hour or so after waking up. I was sick most of the month so we didn't run and thus she didn't eat on the runs. She eats lunch between 11 and 11:30 if we aren't out.

She snacks before nap time (if there is or isn't a nap).

Bedtime routine has changed slightly again.  We all hang out together in her room.  She goes potty if she has to then we both put her in her crib. We do sing a couple songs before going in the crib.  And lately we might show her some videos on the iphone of different musical instruments so she can learn. 

She wears pullups at night and during naps just so she will sleep better. She always wears pullups and recently she is going to the potty less. I think she knows she can just pee in the pullups so this is bad. We will have to retrain her. She actually used a few public restrooms so that's progress. 

Special Moments:
On November 23, Ella discovered major jumping in her crib. 
On November 24, Ella taught us how to pause Netflix on the TV remote.  She removed her pull-up when she was awake and before I got into her crib. She peed in a public restroom for the first time. 
On November 26, Ella ran her 2nd race. She crawled under our bed and came out the other side. This was her first time under the bed at all!  This was the first day we didn't even attempt to put her down for a nap.
On November 27, Ella walked on her tip toes. This was the first time.   I also found her putting on my makeup.
On November 28 she crawled through the cat door on the gate to the laundry room. She crawled in over and over.   She fell running and hit her head off the metal shopping cart. She got a red mark on her face. 
On December 1, Ella climbed out of her crib onto her toddler bed and came out of her room when she was supposed to be napping.
On December 5, she used Panera public restroom!
On December 6, she used another public restroom!
On December 7, Ella was in the car shopping cart at Safeway and tried to buy sour cream.  She painted herself with yogurt at dinner and then said "bath."   It was the 2nd time EVER Dave got Ella to bed without me. (I was at a meeting with moms planning a social for the kids.)
On December 8, Ella was counting stickers and said 1, 2, 10.   She learned to climb up and flip. She holds my hands then climbs up my legs and flips over.  She loved it!
On December 9, She was at the park and joined 1 kid then another kid came over and she said "Two friends."  Later she didn't want to say by to the 2 new kids.  Then I said we were leaving no matter what so then she said bye.  She was so cute saying "bye friends."       Later Ella tried to do a flip on the bed and kicked me in the head.  I saw "ow" and she turned around and said sorry.
On December 10, she crawled onto the counter!
On December 11, she spit up a little after drinking 2 cups of milk then having something press on her belly when she leaned over it. This might only be the third time ever she had some spit up.  Late at night she had a bad dream and woke up. She fell back to sleep cuddling Dave on the floor.
On December 12, She watched frozen very intently. She sort of watched before but not intently. She would talk about characters and stuff going on. Her face would be concerned at concerned parts, etc.   Someone else put Ella to bed. Dave and I were at a Christmas party. Third time ever that it wasn't me. Dave only did it twice. This is from a non-family member too!!!
On December 13 after nap, Ella slept on me. She wanted to see Santa. She saw Santa on the top of the tree and fell asleep on me for about 15 more minutes.
On December 15, we were trying to get her to say she wanted toys for Christmas. We were practicing for when she sat on Santa's lap later.  She would say toys. Then Dave said "OK. Let's practice.  Little Girl, What do you want for Christmas?" Ella quickly replied, "Baby!"  Later she did say toys when I was practicing more with her.
Later on December 15, she wanted to sleep in her toddler bed.  Then she said she wanted to sleep on the floor. She was afraid she'd fall.  Then then neither worked. She came out of the room so she was back in her crib.
On December 17, she was actually good at preschool!
On December 19, Ella used her bath letters for the first time. She did in the big tub.
On December 20, we were all sick.  She got tylenol.  Later she discovered standing on the toilet and leaning over and drinking from the sink! She opened the fridge for the first time.

She got so much better at talking this month. 
She got so much better at pretend play this month. She actually started playing with her dolls. She also plays with her toy kitchen and all the food.
Counting and letters in the alphabet have improved. 
She now says colors instead of just picking out what color we say to get.
Other Tidbits:
She likes apple juice. I think she likes it because she can say it so clearly and then she gets something.
She likes to respond "no" to everything. 
She likes clocks. 
She likes Santa.
She likes to watch Twitch TV. She walks in the room and can say who the 3 different streams are that Dave will have on. 
She likes jelly beans. She refers to them as beans.
She loves her iPad. 
She likes her friends. She likes more friends!
She likes to paint.
She likes candy. 
She to pretend she's a baby. 
She likes her dolls, especially the one she named Anna. 
She likes to be evil and mean. She likes to trick you.

Lately she flips out and cries a lot when it's time to go to sleep. She hates going into her crib. 
She doesn't like to ride in a cart. 
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 13 hours 58 minutes  (838 minutes) 
Time spent sleeping (from December 1-20): 12.0 hours per day 
Nights she did not sleep through the night!: 1  
Doctor visits: 0
Random Things
Ella says a lot of 3 word sentences now. She talks a lot. She's very demanding.


  1. Happy birthday, Ella! She is cuter every day.

    1. Thanks.

      I can't believe it took me so long to post this. I 99% wrote it. I just needed the sleep stats and then I forgot! It sat there in drafts.