Monday, February 8, 2016


Ella likes to feed people so much that she even feeds people on google hangouts. She gets so happy too when my mom goes "nom nom nom" or moves her mouth like she's eating.

Little bugger got her stickers and was just taking them off and putting them on the counter.

 Ella loves the art projects at school.

 Most parents help their kids but Ella will not tolerate that. She has to do everything herself.

 She did an awesome job stamping too.
 This is what temper tantrum Ella looks like. I forget why but it just wasn't a good day.
 Everyday during music time, some kids go sit on Teacher Mindy's lap. Well most weeks it's Arabella, Laura, and Ella. Sometimes it's all 3 or just 2 of them.

 Miss Ella crawled under the bed!
 Ella's artwork. See how she did a pretty good job with those stamps!
We were just trying on a sleep sack. She didn't sleep in it.

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