Saturday, February 13, 2016


Ella slept in. I woke up at 7 when the lights were coming on. Dave set up our top lights to slowly turn on to wake us up like it's daylight waking us up. I really hate not having windows.

Ella slept until 8:50. I was about to wake her but then kept dragging my feet. We were supposed to meet moms to run at 9 but I mentioned I'd be late. I let Dave take the car so I was going to run there. I ended up almost 20 minutes late but they were waiting for someone else so my timing was right as they were leaving.   There were 6 of us.

Then Ella had a blast playing at the playground.   I had to run home after. I was tired by this point.  I was shocked how tiring 7 total miles was.

We ate lunch and called my mom on a google hangout while we were eating. Ella made a mess with her yogurt. She was laughing and giggling while doing it, too. So then I gave her a bath while she was on a google hangout. She discovered something new. I was not a fan. She'd stand up, jump, and land on her butt. This would cause big splashes. I was soaked even though I was just beside the tub.

We hung out a bit cuddling and warming up. Then I told her it was nap time. But after an hour in the crib, she did not nap.  She wanted a little snack and I barely gave her one since I tried to get her to nap more. That didn't work.  Then I asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me. She hopped right down and nodded. She was ready. She was at the door trying to leave. She wasn't dressed yet though. We could go to the store because Dave came home early to rest his back.

Ella and I went to JoAnn Fabrics and then to Walmart. Everything took forever. Lines were slow. Then driving home was awful. It took me 22 minutes to go the 1.9 miles.  While sitting and waiting at red lights, Ella fell asleep. It was 5:10 PM. I transferred her to the crib and she woke briefly and then went back to sleep.

Dave and I cooked dinner.  Then I cleaned up and cleaned up the table.  After 20 more minutes dinner was done. I opened Ella's door and turned on the light. She woke up but then went back to sleep. After a few minutes I turned off her light and closed the door. Closing the door woke her a bit but then back to sleep.  I enjoyed eating in peace but felt so bad because I knew she was hungry earlier and hadn't even eaten yet.

I was so tired and in bed at 7:45. I watched some TV with Dave then remembered I had to prep for a Stampin' Up Party. I kept losing my mind because I'd have supplies I cut and then I'd lose them.  Finally at 11:30 I was done with that. Instead of going to sleep, I played on the computer.  I really hate how I'm so far behind at blogging. 3 months behind now!!! Plus many missing posts from end of November up to January 23.  At least starting at the end of January, I posted the days in order. I tried more to type up the posts as they happened so then adding pictures was easier. I still go through phases at failing at that.  I have 72 draft posts right now. (As of February 7, I am more like 3.5 months behind but don't have any old posts missing anymore! But then I started skipping around to different posts in October and November so now things aren't in order. I have 79 draft posts now.)

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