Friday, February 19, 2016


Ella woke up at 8. I really wish I got to sleep in more. Then she immediately wanted breakfast and I didn't even get to chill in bed.  After awhile I was cleaning up. She said to me "mommy. sit" and pointed.  She wanted me to sit and use my laptop. I guess she knew I was overdoing it.

She ate a long breakfast watching her iPad. I feel like I got nothing accomplished. It took about a half hour to clean and wipe the kitchen table. That's how messy things are.  I also put junk from on top of the cedar chest into a container so it doesn't fall all over the place. I didn't organize it though.  I put maybe 4 things away from the clean clothes laundry basket.  I took new towels out of the packages but then didn't cut off the tags. I read facebook a bit. I don't know how all that took over 2 hours.
Lots of cereal choices and still Ella was unhappy.

This definitely wasn't coffee but I'm not sure what I was drinking in it. She did ask for coffee when I was drinking it though.
Ella made her own step stool.

Ella climbed up and started to eat cat food.
Then she wanted to feed Poly more.

Look at that jelly bean container!
Then I gave her a chocolate covered pretzel. She ate the chocolate off of it.

 She had a bath right after!
She stole my make up and tried to put it on after her bath.

Ella was actually petting Poly very nicely.

Dave hurt his back so he was in bed for days while I took care of him.
Sometimes I brought in the high chair so Ella could eat with him. Carrying all the food the far distance sucked.

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