Saturday, February 27, 2016


 Ella is admiring her new toy bins.
 Then she started knocking them over.
 Ella got stickers.  Then she put about 50 stickers all over Dave's stomach.

 Uh Oh! Miss Ella shouldn't be on the end table.

 She took Baby Anna for a ride to drop Dave off at work.

 Ella had to climb in a bin.
 Then she wanted me to climb in. She wanted me to sit down and not just stand though.

 We went for a run and she fell asleep.

Ella has a bunch of hats and loves them.

She wants some cereal.

 Now she's eating the cereal she requested.

Ella got a new dress. Naman, someone Dave works with, brought it back for Ella from India.

 Ella loved the dress so much she kept dancing around. I took so many pictures and they are all blurry.

 Ella likes to do flips!

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