Monday, February 29, 2016


Ella handed Dave my goggles so he thought they were hers. He adjusted them for her and then she wouldn't take them off.

After dropping Dave off at work we headed to Cuesta Park. Ella played a bunch on a bunch of different things then she saw one kid bouncing so she went to join him. She bounced a lot just holding my hand. She liked it.  Then another kid joined.  Ella then looked and said "two friends" while she was bouncing. I loved it.  She was having fun bouncing and then trying to jump.
We had to leave. "Do you want to say bye to your friends?" Ella answered, "no." The other moms laughed. Then I said we were leaving so she could say bye or not so she said bye.  Then as we were walking away she kept saying "bye friends." Too bad they couldn't actually see her.

 Ella loved dancing at music makers.  She danced a lot with the shakers. She did some nice stick tapping when we were using the sticks.  At one point this song had it so you tap twice quicker and tap once slow and keep repeating that. It went with the song but I couldn't figure out if we were on a quick or a slow. Well apparently winging it wasn't the best option because Ella took my sticks from me. I guess I lost my stick privileges by doing it wrong.

I never thought I'd see the day. I gave Ella the rest of her oreo little bag (it was in my purse and started when we were out) and I left my green pepper ziplock that I've been eating green peppers out of AND she's eating green peppers.

I wanted to take a picture of me with shakeology but then Ella was cuter.

 Ella tucked me into bed.

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