Saturday, February 13, 2016

Turkey Trot (11.26.15)

on our way
I ran the Mountain View High School Turkey Trot.  Ella ran her race after.

I can't believe I'm writing this post 3 months late. Usually my race posts get written the day of.

I woke up late and couldn't believe it.  Then it was all a rush.   It was pretty hectic and signs weren't good once there.

I was meeting Christina and she was even later.  Then she lost her number. She ran off to find it after the start gun went off.  We started 90 seconds late! But walkers were still starting. If it was chip timed, I figured it wouldn't be bad. But it wasn't. At the end I also learned it wasn't timed at all. Luckily I had my garmin.  We had to do a lot of weaving to get around people.  I pushed a double stroller most of the way and then with about .25 left, I passed the stroller to Christina so I could run ahead, finish, and record Ella finishing.

It was a brisk pace.

I finished in 28:20. I pushed a double so much of the way. It was my first time pushing a double too. Christina doesn't usually run that fast but she usually runs with a stroller so it worked out pretty well.  I did wish that Dave would have walked it with Ella so I could have tried for a real time without a stroller.

Since it's been so long I forget more details but it was nothing major!
 Here is Christina finishing with Ella and Logan

The course.  It started and ended on the track. I think 300 meters were on the track each time.
 Wow I did not realize how fast I finished. I passed off the stroller then ran a lot faster apparently!
I never compiled a mile split thing but here are the .25 splits so you can see a little.  I'm surprised the time versus moving time are so different though.

There is a clip of the 3 of them finishing the 5k as part of Ella's race post.

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