Friday, December 4, 2015

Ella's 2nd Race

After my 5k, Ella had to wait around for over a half hour until her race. She did so much running. She was "cold" but refused to put on her jacket. It was 45 degrees.

This is a video of doing some running before the race even started.
Before the race Ella was standing with her friend Arya.
running the race
Ella's race was a 40 yard dash. They went in heats and had a start gun. Ella went in the first heat because little kids go first.  Kids finished before she even started moving.

The starting gun went off and she started crying. The gun was so loud and scary.  I'd say numerous kids cried from the gun.   I held her hand and she ran half way then started crying again.   She finished!

She got her finisher ribbon.  She did a lot more crying because every other heat that started also had a start gun and it was so loud.

Once we left and got further away she was so happy and proud to have done her race.  She was showing off her ribbon.
We took some after photos near the track but she was scared. We took more walking back to the car and we were away from the noise and she was much happier.

Once we got home, she wouldn't let me take off her race number.


  1. Bummer about her being scared. You'd think they would have thought about that for a kid's race. I'm glad she was proud though.

    1. I forgot to mention they did announce that they would use a gun that is loud so warn your kids they may be scared. How can you prepare for that. Was really loud. She now shows off her medal from the first one and her ribbon for this. The ribbon is so wrinkled from her always having it