Tuesday, May 10, 2016


After having many issues going to sleep, Ella woke up at 3:45 AM. She stood at her door knocking on it and didn't leave. I think us telling her she can't leave until her OK to wake clock is green was setting in. I got her. She was coughing a lot. She might have slept on me a little but I didn't sleep. Then I had to go to the bathroom at 5:30. Then she wouldn't even try to sleep.  We went out to the couch and she cuddled on me and used her iPad. She kept almost dozing but then I'd move or she just would wake up.

We gave her Tylenol and within 20 minutes she was so content and falling asleep. She fell asleep right on me. I was so afraid to move my arm so I sat with her the entire time.  She ended up sleeping until 1. I wanted to nap since I was so tired. I fell asleep twice briefly. I was highly disappointed that my facebook app is broken somehow and won't play videos. That puts a damper on viewing push-up videos for my 10-day push-up challenge.

She woke up and was whining a lot.  We had lunch. She wasn't very good during it.  She didn't want to go to preschool.  Then she didn't want to go for a run. She wanted to go for a walk in her red car. We decided to walk to google to get the car and head to preschool about 20 minutes late. She was outside and was so happy and cheerful. She loved being outside.    Preschool was pretty good but at snack time she wanted to stand up right beside her chair at the table and the teacher yelled at her. The teacher said she'd have to go outside if she didn't sit. She wants to be outside so that's like a reward. I was also mad at this comment because there were 4 other kids who were constantly getting up AND running off. Ella was just standing there and she was the only one to get yelled at.

We picked Dave up on the way home. Ella was crying when we got home. We asked why and she wanted to go to the park so we went to the park. We walked to the Tot Lot. She had a lot of fun. She didn't want to leave. We got her to leave peacefully by racing her.

We ordered pizza for dinner. Ella whined and cried wanting candy but once the pizza arrived she ate that fine. I offered all kinds of food before the pizza arrived but she said no.

Ella was jumping around and started to bend Dave's book.  Dave asked her if she had $50 to spend on a new book. She said yea then ran off. She went to the book shelf and said "new book." She got a book and brought it to Dave and said "new book."  She's a pretty good thinker.

Well day 2 where I got in my workout clothes and never got my workout. I don't count my walk to google even though it took about a half hour.

Well I typed that as we were getting Ella to sleep and realized it was late but I could still workout. While Dave was rocking Ella, I started Total Body Cardio Fix and got it in!


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