Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Ella was up in the night from about 3 to 5. She slept on me a little bit of that. But at 5 I got her back to her bed and I finally got to go back to sleep. She slept until 9 after that.

In the morning, she mostly did what she always does which involves making me get up and get her stuff or making me deal with her because she runs off getting into things. But then she also cuddled with Dave. I thought it was so cute.

Ella found one of my highlighters and had so much fun drawing in her notebook. She kept requesting we draw her things too. I'm not sure why but she was requesting boats all the time.

We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch. Dave didn't tell me it was Greek. I get so annoyed. I mean I can tolerate Greek food but I don't really like it or want it. He's always trying to take me to eat Greek food though.  Ella started in a booster seat but wouldn't behave so we had to get a high chair!

Ella saw the kid behind us eat then get to have his area cleaned. Then play on an iPad. So she ate, then tried to clean up all the food mess. I found this odd and wasn't sure why she cleaned up but Dave said she wanted an iPad. I didn't have one. I let her play a game on my phone and she was so happy. She couldn't believe she got to. She kept showing us stuff.  It is one of the games she has on her iPad but never plays. At home she has youtube so she doesn't like to play with the other stuff as much but on my phone she was happy to have anything.

We got home and Ella wanted to go to the park so we went to the park.  Well Dave didn't go but I took her.  She really loves the swings and at least when she's on the swings I don't have to chase her around and constantly do things. I just have to push her.  She didn't want to leave. She never does. I managed though.

We got home and Dave was asleep across the bed. She climbed up and annoyed him.

I took her for a long car ride to get her to nap. This kid is such a bugger.

For dinner we had some leftovers.  Ella wasn't a big fan. I cut apple and she had some peanut butter with it. But then she would just lick the peanut butter or almond butter right off the apple instead of eating the apple too. Every other time there was no peanut butter and she ate the apples just fine. So now I know for the future. I just gave her a spoon of peanut butter. No sense having her lick the apples she won't eat.

Ella got a little messy so I gave her a bath. Then she refused to wear clothes!

Finally we got her in clothes and tried to get her to bed. That was pretty miserable. She kept trying to leave. We put her in the crib but after awhile of freaking out Dave went in.  She then played a bit and still didn't sleep. This kid is so awful with bedtime.  After awhile we put the gate up. Finally at 10:40 she got rocked and I played her a video of a dad playing a lullaby on a piano to his son. That baby fell asleep in like 15 seconds. We played the video for 10 minutes straight. But she did get a bit tired and I finally got her tucked into bed. She was asleep shortly after and by this time it was 11:15 PM.

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