Sunday, May 1, 2016


Ella woke up a few minutes after Dave and I woke up and I hear her so excited her clock is green. She loves when it's actually green. She slept all night! Yay!!!

Dave didn't have to be at work early so he cuddled with Ella for a bit. He read her a book. He also was working on her letter puzzle with her. She loved it.

So it was almost 9:45 when we left to get Dave to work!  We dropped him off and then I took Ella to school.  I pulled into the parking lot and she said no. We walked in and she was complaining a bit when I was signing her in. I realized it was because we walked by Beth and she didn't get to say hi. She waved to her and was happier.  Then I took her outside with her class. The one teacher asked her if she wanted to cook with them. (They were "cooking" by filling containers with sand.)  Ella said "yeah" and walked right over. I said bye and she turned to me and waved and said bye and was back to cooking.  It was the best drop off yet. Wednesday's drop off was good but this was better. This was the first time she didn't need a teacher to hold her while I left.

I got home and the first thing I tried to do was print something. The printer jammed.  The second thing I tried was uploading my pictures from my phone to my computer. That failed.  Third thing I tried was getting Dave's computer to stop playing music. I couldn't figure out what was making the music.

Then I tried it all again. I got my papers printed on 4th try. I got my camera to upload finally! That took awhile. I figured out that a game log in screen was playing the music and closed that. So after more than an hour all 3 things are complete. Sheesh.

I did my mail in rebate finally. It took me forever. Then I get to the fine print on the 3rd page of the rebate and it had to be mailed by February 2 and arrive by February 16. Well that sucks! {And I never did get the rebate. I got a letter back saying it was received late.}

I talked to the owner of the house we toured. We are meeting Sunday to sign the lease.  I'm excited and terrified.

I drew a little floor plan of the house but couldn't get it to scale at all. It's pretty close I guess for at least the layout.  There is a pool!

I watched a little bit of TV while I ate lunch.  I had so many things to do that I didn't want to do anything.

I told my mom about moving and she said my dad wanted in on the conversation so we did a google hangout (chat) with all 3 of us.

I left a little late to pick Ella up from school. (Late for when I normally leave, but still plenty of time before kids have to be picked up.)  I left late because started at 5 PM, I could look up if I have to report for jury duty on Monday.  Well I have to log back in between 11 and 12 on Monday to check an updated reporting time.  :( I'm basically on call all week and they claim you have to be able to get there within an hour.  I had checked if I can take Ella to preschool. I could on Monday but Tuesday they are full so I cannot. Wednesday and Friday are her normal days so maybe I'll get lucky and that's when I have to go in.  I just realized Thursday I'm in charge at preschool so that will be bad if I have to go in. I tried to tell Dave he should take off work if I have to go in and he said definitely not. How come it sucks so bad for me but if he had to go in, nothing would change besides I'd probably have to drop him off at the courthouse instead of at work. UGH.

When I picked Ella up at school, she ran over and was so excited to see me. She said "Mommy came back" and ran and hugged me.  Then some of her friends told me they want their mommies to come back. We went and got Dave then we went to BJ's for dinner.  Ella ate a lot considering I didn't know we were going out to dinner so I let Ella eat in the car on the way to get Dave.

My right leg has been hurting a lot off and on for a couple days. It is exactly like it hurt back in 8th grade. When I started track, it stopped hurt. Then it started again when track was over.  Then I started walking home from school daily and it stopped hurting.  So I guess being a slacker is why it started hurting again.  I almost went for a run earlier in the day because of this but then I went to move and realized my sinus headache hurt worse when I moved so I didn't do anything.

I was so tired when we got home. I don't get how all the time at night Ella is all over me and annoying me or making me get up to get this or that and Dave just lies on the couch working or planning his stupid D&D stuff.

We got Ella to bed at 9:35 and she got up a few times and went back to her bed and tucked herself back in.  I wanted to go to sleep immediately but I lied in bed until probably 11 before falling asleep!

I took some pictures doing various planks for a plank challenge collage

My guess as to house layout. (Bedroom and Bathroom were swapped on left)

Ella loves bread bowls!

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