Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I had to drop Ella off bright an Early at preschool. She did not want me to go.
It was a very stressful lead up to jury duty because it wasn't Ella's normal preschool day and they were full. But then they did some rearranging to be able to take Ella. I tried to get Dave to take off work but he wouldn't.
I was there until about 3. We had a break for lunch. They kept calling new people up and then doing questions then dismissing people and repeat.  I think only about 10 of us were left in the room. It was a very interesting process and I would have loved to have been on the jury that would have only taken 3 days if it weren't for Ella.
 I walked to the Counter for lunch. Service was so so so slow.
Ella was happy to see me at school and happy to be headed home.

When we picked Dave up we went into Google and sat in the lobby a bit.  Ella had some Starburst. She met some of Dave's coworkers and she was mainly afraid of them.

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