Thursday, May 19, 2016


Yet another day Ella didn't sleep the entire night in her own bed.

Ella is a cutie going into school.
Gio and Lily came to visit even though Ella was at school. Lily wanted to play outside and within a minute she was up the ladder that the landlord left there.

When I went to pick up Ella a class was using the bounce house. Then on our way out they were putting it away. Ella helped put it away.

We went to a meetup at at Maie's house.  It was a dance and play one. Ella had fun feeding her friends.  Then Susu's sister, got home and Ella went right over and wanted a hug. She did a really long hug. I was in shock. This is the first time they ever met too!

 Ella is quite the hugger!
On our way out, Ella had to try out the swing.

Ella got a package. She got some new clothes. She was so excited. Ella had to immediately put the tunic dress on. She liked to wear it on top.

Ella helped make dinner.  It was the first time we made the flautas recipe.  Ella did the measuring.  She made a big mess and got yelled at a few times.

 Then Ella did some dishes!

 Dave said they were seasoned so perfectly. I said it will never be that exact way again.

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