Sunday, May 8, 2016

23 Weeks (May 8)

I feel like I was pretty big a month ago then haven't changed sizes much since.

 Ella has been talking to the baby this week.
I thought I was pretty comparable last time to this time but it look bigger last time.

We'll see how I look next week. Hopefully I'll be back to using a good camera.
This week all but 2 photos were photobombed by Ella. Ella was wearing her night shirt (over-sized t-shirt) but she took it off for pictures. I asked her why but she didn't give me an answer besides "take picture with mommy.")

I tried to talk to Dave a few times about names. He doesn't provide any input. He did respond once saying "Don't worry about it; I'll pick a name."

Size of baby: Pomegranate, 11.4 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 1 lb.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I gained 1.7 lbs this week so now I am up 7.6 lbs overall. (Last time I was up  5.8 lbs at this point.)

Maternity Clothes:  Mostly maternity shirts. I wore my new maternity shorts and they are still so big but a belt helps. I wore Jen's maternity shorts (that are 2 sizes larger based on sizing) and they fit better. I did wear a non maternity dress.

Gender: Boy

Movement: The kicks are a lot stronger this week. I swear my arm was on my belly and got moved around from the kicks.  Ella had her arm on me when there were some good kicks. She sat up and turned to me and said, "Baby growing." 

Sleep: It's been like crap. I wake up coughing and can't stop and will be up forever.  I did sleep Friday night well because I fell asleep sitting up and slept that way until 3 AM. I will mention that I haven't been waking up every night to pee so that's good or maybe bad because maybe I'm not drinking enough.

What I miss: Life without being sick. I think I was healthy 2 weeks of this pregnancy so far.

Cravings: No

Aversions: No

Symptoms: It's hard to tell since I've been so sick. I do get lightheaded more. I can't handle doing a lot or I end up lightheaded. If I don't eat often enough I get lightheaded sooner than I used to.

Best moment this week:  I guess hearing the heartbeat even though it was tough to hear. 

Looking forward to:  Getting more sleep in 3 weeks. What Dave does to the nursery. Finalizing a name.  Showing even more so people still aren't shocked when I mention I'm pregnant. I guess the threshold for a guy to think you are pregnant is looking really pregnant. 
 Cleaning up this mess of a house as soon as DBC is done. Around the sink and in the shower are getting so gross. 

Exercise:  I taught a 45 minute bootcamp. I had at least 1 walk to the park with Ella. 

Same this time: I heard the heartbeat. Last time it was with a stethoscope and this time the doppler but I did hear it!  Getting lightheaded happened both times.

Different from last time: Last time I mentioned crazy dreams but I don't even remember my dreams lately. I exercised more last time. I don't think I was sick last time. I can do more push-ups than I did last time.


  1. I like the Ella photobombs. Can't wait to hear your name choice, when you figure it out :)

    1. I can't even imagine thinking of one. Names are hard.