Thursday, May 26, 2016


 We went to gymnastics.  Ella wouldn't wear clothes so she stayed in her PJs.

 Susu was there too.

 Then we both went to the park after.

 We cooked lunch when we got home.

 I told Ella we were going to go for a ride. I meant for a nap but she thought she got to go in her little car.
 Sleeping Ella before I took her out of the car.
Ice pack on my head is the only thing that sort of helped the sinus headache.
Playdough time!


  1. I love that Ella wore pj's. Parker is the same way!

    1. Sometimes Ella won't get dressed in the morning. I started changing her into normal clothes at night after bath instead of PJs so we can maybe have an easier time in the morning! Sometimes she's in footie pajamas then would have issues going potty and also issues with getting shoes on.

    2. Parker would never let us put him in regular clothes at bed time lol. But that is a neat trick!

    3. I should clarify that the regular clothes are usually oversized shirts ...but then I let her wear them the next day too :) And I have to have said clothes in her PJ drawer. I think it helps that most of her PJs are getting too small. I need to go through her clothes. I try and think oh these still fit then later think stuff doesn't fit. Her drawers are full with lots of stuff we skip over because shirts are too short. The pants/shorts drawer is the only one under control.

    4. We have the same issue currently. I want to put a bin in each kid's closet to toss clothes into that don't fit. I think that'll help (hopefully).