Sunday, August 21, 2016


 It's a wonder I was even sleeping in this bed!

I organized an Easter Egg Hunt and posted in on 2 mom groups. I did it on a Saturday so dads could participate.  We had a few cancellations so 16 kids participated. It was a fun time. Kids did better at listening this time too I think because 2 parents could help make them listen. Every kid got 7 eggs. I had extra eggs + extra from cancellations but I didn't want to say to take more and have people run out. At the one on Thursday, lots of kids got 2 or less because they were only allowed 4 and if someone took extra then kids didn't get them.  (For Thursdays I said to have extra but that didn't happen.)

The grass was nice and high so eggs were hidden just in the grass and you couldn't even see them from a few feet away. It worked great.
Of course we forgot Ella's basket so then we used a bucket from the car!
I made an impromptu photo booth with a big bunny Dave got from a coworker. It worked pretty well. Everyone liked it. Sometimes the kids didn't cooperate. Ella also cried over everyone using her chair.

Ella didn't really cooperate to use the photo booth!

Ella was flipping out and unlike herself. Crying and having temper tantrums near the end. But I had to clean up! Then we left and went to McD's. She was so hungry. She got better right away.

Remind me not to host big things so soon after moving.  So after we ate we went to the old house to get boxes and get a few things. Ella fell asleep in the car.

She didn't transfer well. I tried to have her cuddle with me to fall back to sleep. That did not work.

We went to dinner at Pop-eyes and Ella put her doll in the high chair.
Then we went to Trader Joe's and Ella pushed her baby in the cart.
I had to lie with her to get her to fall asleep for bedtime!

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