Sunday, August 21, 2016

3.27: Easter

I thought I took way more pictures than are in this post but it's good enough.
Ella got her Easter basket!

She enjoyed some of the chccoalte from it.  Mainly she had me open different candies and didn't eat them. I put them in a ziplock for later.

Ella put her foot in my shoe!
 Unpacking progress or lack of progress since still in boxes.
Ella likes to climb in the jumperoo.

We went to the park and did a little Easter Egg Hunt!

Ella would open them and put them down. Sometimes we just picked htem back up, closed them, and "hid" them again. She has a blast!

We played in the playground in the backyard too.
I like how Ella just left her bib on!
 We played cars on Ella's track rug.
I fell asleep in Ella's bed trying to get her to fall asleep. It was a rough fit squishing in.

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