Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Ella woke up at 6 am crying. Well she actually didn't wake up. She was still asleep and crying. I tried to comfort her and she was still crying and still asleep.  Finally I got her to stop but I brought her to bed with me.  She slept past 8:30 so we missed 9 AM gymnastics.

But someone cancelled for the making pancakes meetup so we got to sign up for that.

We drove Dave to work and got a call that the person bringing syrup cancelled. Since I wasn't home, I couldn't bring ours so I had to stop at the store. Of course this makes me later because I had to figure out where a store was and also shop with Ella.
We were there just for the tail end of a book before cooking started. Man was that hectic. Everyone couldn't fit at the big table but that's where all the ingredients were. Also only 1 copy of the recipe for amounts was trouble. Ella still managed.

There were 6 kinds of pancakes. Ella enjoyed eating all the kinds. She ate more than the other kids so then I didn't get to eat any!

We went to a park after pancake making. Ella wanted friends to go but they start nap time before she does.

We drove around after to try to get her to nap but then that failed.
We had lunch and then we played for awhile. Then we went for a car ride again to get her to nap.

At least the 2nd car ride works.

I jotted down notes for the day and wrote "package" and have no idea what it meant now.
We picked up Dave then went for dinner.
On our way home we stopped at the park. 2nd park of the day.   Then we ate leftovers while on the swing. She sure ate a lot. She liked that.

We watched baseball. Ella liked learning about it. Well it was T-ball and it was a little weird because there were like 15 kids in the outfit. Innings had every person in the batting order bat before they switched sides.

Ella was bad. I put that in my notes but not sure what she did. She's often bad.  We called mummaw on a hangout. Ella likes to feed her.

More notes on candy and heating pad that I have no idea about. Funny I rarely make notes without writing a full post. So I either write the post or I wait until I post it when I pop pictures in then write about the day based on pictures.

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