Thursday, August 25, 2016


I got this idea from Julie a few months back, and loved it. I've had this in drafts ever since then just waiting to be written. She wrote down what her predictions were for baby, and then after baby was born she went back and looked to see how right or wrong she was.

So here are my predictions! I can't wait to see how far off I am later!

When will baby arrive?
I have been thinking for a long time that he would be born on August 28. He was measuring ahead for awhile but now is back on track. Ella was 8 days early. He is currently due on September 4.

How long will labor be? 
I'm guessing less than 3 hours and stressed about this.

What will labor be like? 
I'm guessing things will be too similar to Ella, which is probably way off. I'm guessing my water will break and then labor will start almost right after. Then I will be at the hospital almost right away and be pretty far along.

How big will baby be? 
I predict baby will weigh just above 8 pounds, and be about 20.5 inches long.

What will baby look like? 
I'm guessing the baby will have brown hair and have some more hair than Ella did. I'm also guessing blue eyes like Ella even though neither Dave or I have blue eyes.

Dave is hoping I go into labor a day Ella is at preschool and we get her dropped off before labor even starts.

I am guessing I will go into labor in the middle of the night or after almost no sleep. I'm also guessing labor will start before things are ready enough at home. The hospital bag is packed but it is lacking. I have a present for Ella and she already found it but at least only pulled 1 thing out of it.

I'm predicting a normal delivery even though I could have a c-section. I can't get induced from a previous c-section so at 41 weeks, I would be having a c-section. I don't anticipate going that long. I really am ready to quit being pregnant now!

I'm down to 10 days until the due date!  I meant to post this sooner.

I created a baby pool if you want to fill it out with some guesses.

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