Saturday, August 20, 2016

Running Silhouette

On July 11, I took a new running picture to add to my silhouette one I had made.  I put it on facebook for my background image but never posted it here.  I feel like I barely look pregnant in the picture.

I was running uphill and the the camera was on a tripod. It was tough work to time the 10 second count down properly. The tripod was on the driveway so it was taken at a downward angle.

Dave took the first picture on the left. I took the walking picture with Ella since I didn't run when pregnant. Then Marie took the 3rd picture June 2015 when we took running pictures of each other. That's actually a double stroller because that's the only way it'd work out to be able to take pictures.

I used the first and third on some shirts I painted but none for awhile. I should do a new one!

What do you think?

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