Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I actually slept until 8:30! It was great. I had some difficulty in the night but not bad. Getting out of bed to go to the bathroom is quite a hardship. Sciatica pain also causes some problems.

Ella woke up shortly after. I was glad when I was up at 5 AM I took the gate out of her doorway so she could just exit.

I did 3 loads of laundry, took pictures of Angie and family, helped Dave find the video camera for the nursery, helped put together the swing, found some baby stuff, organized, cleaned up the kitchen a little tiny bit, fed Ella, and then we went out to lunch.  I feel like it was a very productive morning.  After taking photos for Angie and loading them to my computer, I realized it was Ella's month birthday so I decided to try to take a few more of Ella to maybe have a comparison post (If I ever find the time I'll get to that comparison post).

Ella was fighting me putting on socks so I asked her if she wanted me to put on her socks or take her picture. She got well behaved and gave me her feet to nicely put on her socks and shoes.  But then she posed right after saying cheese and everything so I got a few pictures. Too bad I had the 50 mm lens so I was a bit close and by the time I backed up, I just got 1 good one before she ran off the stool.

We went to Jersey Joe's for lunch.  Ella looked like she might fall asleep on the way there so I kept talking to her to keep her up. On the way home we were going to go to the car dealership about buying a car but then since Ella fell asleep we just went home. We thought about waking her up after 90 minutes and still going to the dealers but then we let her sleep.  I edited some pictures and worked on finding photoshop actions. I used to use Pioneer Women's actions but they aren't available now. I relaxed in bed for maybe 10 minutes.

I organized the homemade onesies I made recently + the homemade onesies that I pulled out that were Ella's and can work for a boy or a girl. Man there are a lot.

Ella woke up on her own after a long nap. We were going to wake her but when we went into her room she was so out we decided to not deal with the temper tantrums and let her sleep.

The day seems to have flown by because by 7:30 Ella is requesting cereal for dinner and none of us have eaten.  I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, and hand washed stuff while Ella ate. But then she was done eating and trying to help and that was not so helpful.

 Ella had fun with an umbrella.

 Ella and Dave built a computer together.

Above are all the onesies made for Ella that still work for Miles. Below are the new ones.

 "Where's Ella?"

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