Monday, October 3, 2016

Miles's 3rd Week

I meant to weigh Miles and never got to it. It took awhile to find the scale. Then I did and he was always in his swaddle sack.  He likes to be bundled so then I didn't weigh him.  I also wanted to take weekly pictures with my fancy camera and I already didn't do that.
He had his first bath on Sunday, September 25. He cried a little but was so much better than Ella's first bath.

His head control has improved greatly in the past week.
Ella's first diaper change.
Ella did her first diaper change on Tuesday and he didn't put up a fuss at all.
Miles has been fussier this week. He sometimes is fussy in the morning and then sometimes at night.

We went to preschool on Wednesday and out and about on Thursday but I don't think he got out of the car.
My parents were here all week so Miles got to be held more than normal. He napped on my dad a few times and my mom at least once.
Miles seems to really like lying on Dave in the morning and improving his head control. I had him on the other side of the bed one day and he was struggling to get over to Dave then was happy once I moved him there.
He got 2 bottles this week and took them nicely. He also took and accepted a pacifier.
Miles is awake more than he was before. He'll be awake a couple hours at a time at least once a day and one time for 1 hour.
I've been told my face is skinny again or that I'm losing weight. I didn't even weigh myself all week so I don't have an update on that.  Last time I weighed myself I was down 23 lbs.  I remember thinking last time how squishy my belly was. I don't notice that this time. I still have a big belly. Ella even commented on it while I was changing my clothes.
Ella was trying to show Miles the iPad. I guess she was trying to teach him early.
The 2nd half of the week was cold so I wore a scarf around the house.
Sometimes he trusts Ella and doesn't cry. She can be nice to him and he'll still cry like almost as a warning.  But there are still times where she hugs too tight, pinches, or bumps his head so he just likes to warn us so he stays safe.

I have more pictures like of him getting a bottle but all pictures didn't seem to auto backup yet so I just went with what was uploaded since the pictures were already holding this post up.


  1. He already looks so big to me. More like a 1 or 2 month old.

    1. When I sent a friend a pic when he was like 2 weeks old she said he looked 3 months old!